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Is Lamar Odom concerned after smashing up a Mercedes-Benz in an automotive crash?

Former NBA player Lamar Odom found himself in a bit of a sticky situation recently. The 42-year-old was involved in a car crash in the early hours of Monday morning, resulting in significant damage to his Mercedes-Benz.

According to a representative for Odom, he was driving home from a friend’s place in Northridge when the incident occurred. It seems that Odom dropped his phone inside the car and, in an attempt to retrieve it, lost control and collided with two parked vehicles on the street.

Thankfully, Odom was not injured in the crash and did not require medical assistance. However, his airbags were deployed, and his Mercedes now resembles a crumpled piece of metal.

The LAPD was called to the scene, but no police report was filed. Officers did speak with Odom and inquired about whether he had been drinking. Odom assured them that he was sober and mentioned his ownership of rehab facilities.

Interestingly, no field sobriety test was conducted by the police. It seems they took Odom at his word and did not pursue the matter further.

During the exchange with law enforcement, Odom also explained how the accident occurred. The owners of the cars that were hit came out of their homes, and Odom provided them with his insurance information.

Fortunately, no one was inside the parked vehicles at the time of the crash. Odom’s damaged Mercedes was subsequently towed, and a security team drove him back home.

In the end, the police presence was uneventful, and everyone involved exchanged their contact and insurance information.

While the incident may have been a minor hiccup for Lamar Odom, it serves as a reminder that accidents can happen to anyone, even celebrities. It also highlights the importance of driving attentively and avoiding distractions, such as reaching for a dropped phone while behind the wheel.

Let’s hope Odom’s insurance coverage can handle the aftermath of the crash, as it’s likely his automotive insurance bill will see a significant increase. And maybe this incident will serve as a wake-up call for Odom to focus on safe driving practices in the future.