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What new milestones have Britney Spears’ sons Jayden and Sean Federline achieved?

Britney Spears’ sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline, have reached some significant milestones recently. Sean Preston turned 18 on September 14th while Jayden James celebrated his 17th birthday on September 12th. Although Britney and Kevin Federline have not publicly acknowledged their children’s birthdays, Britney did express her mixed emotions about watching them grow up fast on Instagram earlier this year.

In a post, Britney wrote, “So bittersweet to see them get older. Why can’t they just stay babies forever? They will always be MINE!!!!”. It’s evident that she cherishes her role as a mother and feels nostalgic about her boys’ progression into adulthood. Similarly, Kevin Federline has chosen to keep their relationships private, refraining from sharing any public tributes.

However, he did provide an update on their lives after their move to Hawaii with his wife, Victoria Prince. Kevin’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the family is doing great and they are very happy in their new home. It seems that the transition to Hawaii has been a positive one for Sean Preston and Jayden James.

As Britney’s sons enter adulthood, their milestones are undoubtedly significant moments for both their parents and fans. It remains to be seen how their lives will evolve and what paths they will choose to follow. But for now, we can celebrate their birthdays and wish them all the best as they continue to grow and embark on their own journeys.