How many children does Snoop Dogg have?

Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper and entertainer, is known not only for his music but also for his family life. He has four children with his wife Shante, namely Cordell, Cori, Julian, and Corde. Each of his children has their own unique personality and achievements.

Cori, Snoop’s youngest child, was born in 1999. However, her life has not been without challenges. Cori has been living with lupus, an autoimmune disease, for many years. In a 2010 interview with People, Snoop expressed his initial helplessness when she was first diagnosed as a child. But Cori has proved to be a fighter. Despite her health struggles, she has not let lupus define her. She has excelled academically, making it onto the honor roll, and participates in sports such as volleyball and softball. Snoop described her as the toughest little thing he has ever met, praising her joyful spirit and her determination to overcome the disease.

In a heartwarming social media announcement in November 2022, Cori shared the news of her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Wayne Duece. The ecstatic bride-to-be posted pictures of her engagement ring and expressed her love for Wayne, saying she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him. It was clear from her update that she was surrounded by loved ones when Wayne popped the question, making the moment even more special.

Aside from her personal life, Cori is also a gifted entrepreneur and content creator. She has launched her own beauty line called Choc Factory, showcasing her passion for makeup and skincare. Additionally, Cori runs a YouTube channel where she provides her followers with glimpses into her life and showcases her interests. In one video, she took her viewers behind the scenes of her family’s Skims shoot, giving them an intimate insight into their day-to-day experiences.

It is evident that Snoop Dogg’s children have inherited their father’s flair for success and their own unique talents. From Cori’s enduring strength in the face of adversity to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Snoop’s kids are making their own mark on the world. As proud parents, Snoop and Shante continue to support and celebrate their children’s achievements, creating a loving and encouraging environment for their family to thrive.