Did Esmeralda Baez write “Reset and Reboot” for Latinas struggling with burnout?

Esmeralda Baez, a public relations executive and founder of Elite Vision Media, has come a long way in her journey towards optimal health and well-being. After being diagnosed with cerebrovascular disease in 2018, Baez realized the importance of prioritizing self-care both mentally and physically.

For months, Baez struggled with panic attacks and severe insomnia, until she decided to seek help from a psychiatrist. She started taking care of her mental and physical health by keeping doctor appointments, paying attention to her body, and developing a better relationship with God.

Adapting to her new way of life, Baez made maintaining a sense of normalcy her overarching goal. This included adopting healthier eating habits, exercising more, and detoxing herself from negative influences. Understanding her illness and its risk factors was also a top priority, so she made appointments with experts and sought therapy to arm herself with the necessary knowledge.

Baez’s journey is not unique, as death rates from strokes have increased among Hispanic people, especially due to social determinants such as language barriers, access to healthcare, education levels, income levels, and access to transportation.

As a well-known media personality, successful businesswoman, and author, Baez is in a position to educate and inspire the Latinx community. Her book, “Reset & Reboot,” focuses on self-mastery and self-care, covering topics like sorrow, detoxification, and new beginnings.

Baez has personally experienced the positive effects of self-care on her mental and physical health. She has improved through practices like meditation, drinking more water, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, and staying sober. Additionally, celibacy and fasting have allowed her to redirect her energy and achieve meaningful clarity and focus.

Today, Baez continues to succeed in business while prioritizing self-care. She spends time outdoors, keeps a gratitude journal, surrounds herself with positive people, sees a therapist, and engages in activities that bring her joy. By prioritizing her own well-being, Baez has noticed how this positively impacts those around her.

Baez emphasizes the importance of self-care, stating that it encourages maintaining a healthy relationship with oneself and allows for the transmission of positive feelings to others. Contrary to popular misconceptions, self-care is not selfish; it is necessary for mental health and enjoying life.

Baez’s advice to those looking to prioritize self-care is simple but powerful. Go after what you want, ask for what you need, and break out of your comfort zone. By embracing time as the most valuable asset and finding joy and peace of mind, individuals can experience a positive shift in their lives.

In conclusion, Esmeralda Baez’s journey towards self-care and optimal health serves as an inspiration to all Latinas struggling with burnout. Her personal experiences and newfound knowledge have led her to write a book and share her wisdom with the world. By prioritizing self-care, individuals can improve their mental and physical well-being while positively impacting those around them.

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