Is Daniel Pearl, the boss of Paramount UK Unscripted, moving to Lion TV?

Daniel Pearl, the Vice President of Unscripted Originals at Paramount UK, is leaving the company to join Lion TV. Lion TV is an All3Media-owned production outfit and Pearl will be taking on the role of Creative Director. He will be replacing Tom Watt-Smith but will have a wider remit in his new position.

Pearl has spent the past six years at Paramount UK, where he has overseen a number of factual shows for Channel 5 and Paramount+. Some of his notable credits include the documentary series “Leaving Neverland” and the Premier League series “Rise of the Billionaires,” produced by 72 Films. He has been leading the charge on Paramount+’s push for UK unscripted content, with credits such as “The Box” and “Hot Yachts.”

Before his time at Paramount, Pearl worked in various current affairs roles with Channel 4 for six years and spent 15 years at the BBC. Moving to Lion TV will be his first role on the other side of the broadcaster-producer fence.

Lion TV is known for producing popular and intelligent programming, including shows like “Horrible Histories” and “Cash Cab.” The company has recently undergone structural changes, focusing on specialist, premium factual and kids TV. They have also formed a popular factual division with All3Media stablemates Lion Television and Wise Owl Films.

Pearl expressed his excitement about joining Lion TV, saying that the company is perfectly positioned for the current demand for new and exciting unscripted franchises. Richard Bradley, the Chief Creative Officer of Lion TV, praised Pearl’s outstanding track record in unscripted programming and his editorial and creative judgment.

Ben Frow, Pearl’s boss at Paramount UK, commended him for being a brilliant member of the commissioning team and playing an important part in the transformation of Channel 5.

Overall, Daniel Pearl’s move to Lion TV signifies a new chapter in his career and presents an opportunity for him to contribute his expertise to the production outfit’s high-quality and compelling storytelling.