David Lyttle – The Second Line (feat. Talib Kweli)

David Lyttle The Second Line feat. Talib Kweli

Music video for ‘The Second Line’ from MOBO and Urban Music Awards nominated musician/producer David Lyttle’s third album ‘Faces’, out now on Lyte Records and described by Rolling Stone as ‘one of the best, robust listening experiences you’re likely to have all year’.

Directed by Benjamin Reece in New Orleans. Produced by Eli Ash and filmed by Chris Alcazar. Thanks to skaters Mason and Jack.

‘The Second Line’ written by David Lyttle and Talib Kweli. Produced by David Lyttle. Performed by Talib Kweli (rap), David Lyttle (vocals, drums/percussion, keyboards), Tom Harrison (alto saxophone) and Keith Duffy (bass).

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